Day Two In counting the OMER ” We are NOT alone! G-D Has Not, nor will He Ever forsake you!

The Ten Commandments (illustration from a Bible card published 1907 by ...

For everyone who has been looking for “Day Two” of counting the Omer….Here it is!

We are NOT Alone…even if it looks, and feels like it sometimes…..Pick your head UP! Turn off the voice in your head that is lying to you, telling you it is hopeless, you are worthless, that G-d is not real, or that He does not love you……Help is on the way!

The first week of counting the Omer, we look deep inside ourselves with great detail, trying to get our life back into perspective. Why? G-d made us, He breathed His breath into us, His Name into us (you heard me correctly. Stay with me to find out), the part of His essence that gives life to the blood, and makes a living, breathing Spirit, Soul, and body. No, I did not say it backwards, you have been taught it backwards! It is that part of Him that makes us a Human being.

That breath, in Hebrew, “Ruach” (spirit, breath, wind) that makes us a Human being, fashioned in His image. Still, there is much more to it! That “more” is what came from that first breath. It is what was contained in that first breath that makes us different than all other life in this UNIVERSE! Stay with me on this 49 day, 7 week journey of counting the Omer, to find out what that is, but first we have to go back to the beginning, before the Universe or anything was created. In it we will find the answer to the who, what, when, where and, why of it all of this life we struggle to maintain balance in. That is the reason we count the Omer, to get us “Back To The Future.”   No, I am not talking about the movie. I am talking about Adam & Eve’s Pre-Tree existence in the garden, when life really was, “Perfect,” that took us to the giving of Torah on Mt. Sinai, that takes us to the execution stake of Messiah, that takes us to the time in the history of the world where we are right now.

Right now, in this very moment people are being born, facing life’s Joys, facing life’s struggles, and dying.  To even write about the everyday stuff we are facing in America, even to reference the homeless, prejudice, job loss, the economy, or the political state of our nation is almost embarrassing, especially in light of “Believers” beheaded for Messiah by ISIS.  The world seems as if it has just about reached the pinnacle of evil.  To even mention, let alone pray for any of our needs in light of that seems so self centered and un-Yeshua like!  Still, G-D cares.  He cares about EVERYTHING we as His children, called by His name are going through at this moment.  Yes, even the smallest of problems in comparison, gets His attention when we cry out to our Poppa.  It is why in Judaism we reference the title “Avinu Malkenu” (Our Father our King).  He can handle it ALL at once!  From the Martyrdom in the Middle east to the scrape on a ten year old’s knee as tears of pain roll down their her cheeks, and her mother prays for her.   That is what Fathers who are Kings do.  The take care of their Mishpocheh (Family), all the while they are Ruling the Kingdom, setting the stage for the Final cure to all that ails them both.

It is because of His love for us that He did not stay out of the picture after Adam and Eve disobeyed Him.  It was because of His Love for us that He pursued Abraham, and made him the promise to be the father of the Jewish Nation and the adopted father of the people who did not come from his loins.  It is why we count the Omer; in doing so we remember his promise to redeem His Chosen people from slavery in Egypt.  He did just that.  By the time the Hebrew children had reached Mt. Sinai, seven weeks after their Exodus, they have seen many Miraculous events! G-D has demonstrated His power to them in many ways.  It is on this Mountain of G-D, in the middle of the desert that we witness the most amazing occurrence in the History of the World!  The Revelation of G-D to the Hebrew people.  The Hebrew Name for G-d in this section of scripture is quite revealing as well.  This name is the same name that I mentioned earlier, remember, the one G-d breathed into Adam’s nostrils, that caused the clay man G-D had formed with His hands to come to life! Both are amazing in themselves, but if we look at them as Echad (One), much will be revealed!

But you will have to come back tomorrow as we count day 4 (remember, I wrote Day Three our of order) of the Omer to find out the rest!


Today is Day two of counting the Omer….

  • Count the Omer:   Recite the following on day three.
  • Say, This is the first week and the second day of counting the Omer:
  • The following shows the counting for day two.  Do the same for the following 47 days inserting the number of that day.

Each evening, beginning with the day after the Sabbath after Passover, while standing, one first recites the blessing for the mitzvah of counting, and then declares the number of days and weeks of the Omer count:

  1. Recite the blessing:


   Baruch atah adonay eloheynu melech ha’olam asher kidshanu
bemitzvotav vetzivanu al sefirat ha’omer

Blessed are you O L-rd our G-d,
King of the Universe who has sanctified us by your commandments
and commanded us to count the Omer.

Messianic Blessing:
Blessed are You O L-rd our Gd-, King of the Universe
Who cleansed us through Yeshua our Messiah and by His Commandments
and has commanded us to count the Omer.

Today O Mighty, Loving G-D, I thank you for loving me; sending Yeshua to fill my life with your love.  I place my Trust in Yeshua  the Only begotten Son of the Most High G-D as my Savior and Love you for loving me so very much.  Wash me of all my sins for trying to live life my way.  Teach me your Ways O Mighty G-D, that I might learn them and do them, as are written in your Holy Word.

B”Shem Yeshua (In the Name of Jesus),

Rabbi Cliff


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