Day Three In Counting The Omer – “Love Continued”

When I think of counting the Omer, the first week is my favorite…..”Love” It is what everyone that has it, a some point in time takes it for granted and abuse it. For others it somehow seems to elude their grasp.  It is those that I am thinking of today. For a young man, who served in his fathers shop, creating Idols to be sold to those who were looking for a miracle, they became an object of desire. The very idea of the idol worship signifies someone in need of help. Help to heal a loved one. Help to obtain something that they cannot get on their own, either for someone else, or themselves, regardless, they are in need.

Yes, I know, I know, there are some of them who worship, and offer sacrifice to the Idol for their own selfish gain, still it is a red flag that cries Help me, I lack love! Everything that happens good or bad in the world is connected to “Love”. Without it we are just empty beings trying to belong, to fit in, to please someone, or something to find it….That is what Abraham discovered, working in his fathers shop.

Abraham watched, day by day, week to week, month to month, year to year, until he had enough! Not being able to take it anymore, he had to know the truth! Being left alone to mind the shop one day, he smashed all the idols except one large one. In the hand of that one large idol he placed the stick, that Abraham had used to crush and destroy all but it, and he waited, waited for his father to return.

Why did Abraham do this? Because he was driven for the Truth, the Truth of who it was that had created all the stars in the Heavens, the oceans, the birds of the air, the ants on the ground the cattle and sheep of the pastures. There had to be a purpose, a reason for this world, and if there was a G-D, a real one, one who cared enough to equip the world with all the beauty, then that G-D loved His creation, and Abraham’s life and all those he knew had a purpose. If so, then the G-D who created it must…..Love us. So, he dad to know!

Abraham waited for his father to return to see what his reaction would be…….Finally when his father returned, seeing Abraham, siting there, he cried “Abraham what happened! I left you here to watch the shop, and I return to find all the idols destroyed, crushed and broken! What happened? Abraham, said not a word, he just raised his arm and pointed to that Idol, the one he had put the stick into its hand, and he waited to see what his father would say. Abraham knew his father would do one of two things, either fall down and worship the Idol or reveal that the idols were not G-d’s but man made objects and nothing at all……Abraham waited, watching his fathers every move…..”Abraham there is no way that Idol did this… You know we make those in the back room!
They have no life or strength or mind! Abraham finally had his answer……and so do we. The things of this world are all created from something already in existence.

We try and make idols to fill the hole in our hearts. The hole that can only be filled with the “Love of the ONE TRUE G-D who loved us so very much that He created this world, so He could have relationship with us, filling the Void we humans feel and try to fill with stuff, or people. The only problem is, they are just “gods”, fallible idols we create to appease our need for Love GIVEN Freely from the G-D who created Adam, and breathed into us Him own breath..His Name, His Love.

Only Adam and Eve gave it away, when the choose to exchange it for something that satisfied their flesh…..and humans have been trying to get back to the garden ever since…trying it their way, but that won’t work. Only the G-D who crated us can Give that Love back.

First he tried it on Mt. Sinai, but my people couldn’t wait for Moses to come back down the mountain, and thinking Moses had died, and knowing that they would die as well if they tried to go up the mountain to “find G-D” they would die too! So instead of waiting, crying out to G-D to help them, to allow them to go up on the Mountain to be in His presence, they did what any good idol worshiper did and still does today, the made and Idol and tried to fit “god” into it, to get what they thought they needed to feed their flesh, instead of filling the void with the One True G-D’s LOVE to satisfy their soul….The problem is, G-D doesn’t work like that, He never has! We must obey His Word…period!

We must Trust that He will keep His Word, and in trusting we are obeying, and in obeying we are trusting, and when we do that….He can be found, with His hand reaching out, like it always has been. G-D is reaching out to YOU right now…in this article…spiritually…..He tells us in His word that He loves us So Very Much! That is why he went to all that trouble in the garden, then with Abraham, then With Moses and the Hebrew children, and finally ALL the World, by giving His Only Begotten Son, Yeshua. That Name, Yeshua, it says it all…..It literally means…Salvation from G-D!

Why do you need a Savior? WE need a Savior from ourselves! From the Evil one who perverted everything on that day that he tempted and succeeded in his plan to mess up the whole world, ALL of What G-D had just created, for who he Loved so much and wanted only Love in return, fellowship, even more, Relationship. But the love in return had to be out of a desire for the G-D of the Universe, not the “god” of the world and it’s fleshly gratification of self.

It took four thousand years to do it, but it is done! As we count the Omer on day three (it is 12:27 AM, so I missed getting this out by day two), lets set our hearts on the G-D of the Universe, who created ALL things. The one who put the whole Tanakh and Brti Chadashah (Old Covenant & Re-Newed Covenant) into place and arranged everyone of those days and happenings to point toward that Ultimate day of reckoning, when He would fix the mistake the First Adam made, who sinned and fell. It was because of that sin, we had to be driven out of the Presence of a Holy G-D, not because He hated us, but because He loved us…..knowing that because He is Holy and sin cannot remain in His presence without being destroyed….He finally fixed the problem, by sending His Only Begotten Son….Yeshua HaMashiach Ben Elohim! (Jesus the messiah, the Son of G=D),homepage_2 the “Second Adam”…..except this time, NO SIN and that is why Yeshua said…I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man come to the Father except by Me.

Yesterday I spoke about Hope, that Yeshua is Alive and returning. Today, I continue to tell you about Hope, founded on Chessed, Love…Kindness, acts of Charity….for their is No greater Chessed, Love, Kindness or Charity than this…”For G-D so Loved the World, that He GAVE His ONLY begotten Son, so that whoever would believe on Him would have…..the thing that Eve & Adam so wrongly tried to obtain their way…..just like most still try today….when it would have been and, is Right Now easily obtained by Trust In the One who gave His life, that we Might have Relationship through His Perfect sacrifice of a life lived seeking only to please His father. Yeshua demonstrated His LOVE by Giving His life in OUR place on the Execution stake. Reach out, take it! It’s is Free! Ask Yeshua to be your L-RD, GIVE YOUR HEART, YOUR LOVE to HIM, He already has done that for YOU! Ask Him now, tell Him You Love Him; ask Him to teach you His ways, so you can do what please the ONE who will fill the void created only to be filled with LOVE from the Father.

Today is Day Three of counting the Omer….

  • Count the Omer:   Recite the following on day three.
  • Say, This is the first week and the third day of counting the Omer:
  • The following shows the counting for day three.  Do the same for the following 46 days inserting the number of that day.

Each evening, beginning with the day after the Sabbath after Passover, while standing, one first recites the blessing for the mitzvah of counting, and then declares the number of days and weeks of the Omer count:

  1. Recite the blessing:


   Baruch atah adonay eloheynu melech ha’olam asher kidshanu
bemitzvotav vetzivanu al sefirat ha’omer

Blessed are you O L-rd our G-d,
King of the Universe who has sanctified us by your commandments
and commanded us to count the Omer.

Messianic Blessing:
Blessed are You O L-rd our Gd-, King of the Universe
Who cleansed us through Yeshua our Messiah and by His Commandments
and has commanded us to count the Omer.

Today O Mighty, Loving G-D, I thank you for loving me; sending Yeshua to fill my life with your love.  I place my Trust in Yeshua  the Only begotten Son of the Most High G-D as my Savior and Love you for loving me so very much.  Wash me of all my sins for trying to live life my way.  Teach me your Ways O Mighty G-D, that I might learn them and do them, as are written in your Holy Word.

B”Shem Yeshua (In the Name of Jesus),

Rabbi Cliff



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