Day Five of counting the Omer…..All we need is Love! Uh, maybe not!

Don’t get me wrong, I love to love! I am a loving person by design, and I prefer to Demonstrate the Love of Messiah, Walk in the Love of Messiah and Live in the Love of Messiah. But is that all we really need? No, not in the World we live in. We need Balance. Yes, Love is part of that equation for balance, but within the Love from the Father there is more to this Chesed (LOVE) than meets the eye!

Yes we all want Love… least as long as we get it the way we want it, but that is the problem. G-D is all about balance. He made us to be balanced. He created us Spirit, Soul and Body. How is that balance you wonder? Well, think of it like a Teeter Totter, if we don’t have two people on each side of even weight, somebody is going to be stuck up in the air until the other jumps off. Now, it the person who weighs the most decides to jump off quick…You can come crashing down with a thud! In other words, being out of balance, is not really a good thing. Yes we all want love…..but love is Not all we need.  Love without boundaries is not a good thing. It reminds me of:

Proverbs chapter 19:2. Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way. When a man’s folly brings his way to ruin,his heart rages against the LORD.

Strange verse isn’t it?Alas, those washing machine providers who ignore complaints will also ...  That was a trick question:)  It is not strange at all if you understand what it is saying, so lets take a look at it.  First, I have had the honor of training up many today who are in ministry around the world.  This verse never applied to all of my students, only the ones who had strong, slightly aggressive personalities, you know the “I can do it, rush in before looking types.”  Not that they were bad students, on the contrary, they have passion and drive, but not much patience.  It also applied to some of my former “sheep.” who were filled with love for everyone, and wanted everyone to fill the love, and when they reach that point, feel they have all the vast Biblical knowledge they need, so they reach out and try to develop followers of their own.  When I have those who fit this criteria, I do my best to bring them down to earth gently, before they start a free fall that usually ends with them, and those they encounter crashing to the earth!

On one such occasion, there was a young lady, who felt she needed to teach others the ‘depths of her understanding”, she had gained in a couple of years, I shared Proverbs 19:2&3 with her but she ignored my warning.  So she proceeded to start a bible study at her work….without making me aware.  It is at this point that some out there should take a few notes…..if you fit in either one of those categories mentioned above that is.  Well it wasn’t long before the the bible study started to take off, and during one meeting, while praying for the ladies in attendance, she felt the unction of what she thought was the Holy Spirit and proceeded to tell one of the ladies there who was with child, that G-D was telling her that she was going to have a beautiful baby girl, who G-D was going to use to lead worship, and that this child would do Great and Mighty things for Him.   So, everything went fine for awhile, I even got word of this Bible study and tried to counsel her into stopping it .  I explained to her that she was not ready, did not have enough knowledge or wisdom yet, in her own walk to be able to teach others.  I told her that if she would take my counsel, If she had a true desire to teach, I would help her learn and prepare, then give her opportunity to do so slowly, allowing her to mature in her walk, gain some experience.  Then, when I saw that she was ready, I would help her move into ministry in the right way.   Of course, she would have nothing of it, I just did not understand, this was something G-d had “told” her to do!   My spirit was quenched, I tried to explain that spiritual authority, is not about keeping someone from ministry, but put in place by Adonai to help train, watch over, protect, encourage, and yes, the most ignored, unreceived part of the equipping of the body of Messiah….”Correct!”

A couple of weeks went by before I got the call.  The phone rings, I hear crying on the line, seeing who it was by caller ID, I asked her to calm down and tell me the problem…..”you were right, you were right! I should have listened to you!  What happened I asked, amidst tears and sniffles, she began to share about the “thus says the L-RD” I told you about above….. It was there she began to really weep as she shared with me how that pregnant mother, had lost the baby.  How she had just been confronted by her, and how this mother had told her in no uncertain words that “she was a liar, that there was NO G-D! She would Never believe in G-D again and for her to stay away from her!”   I still don’t know if that poor mother, who had been given a “word” about how G-D was going to give her a beautiful daughter, and use her for His glory, ever believed in G-D again.  I hope so.  How sad, the “teacher” fulfilled vs. 1,  the mother as a result of the folly of the “teacher” fulfilled vs. 2.

All we need is Love……I don’t think so.  Yes we need Love, balanced in wisdom, with encouragement, and at times……”Correction.”   He is a G-D of Love, but He is also a G-D of “Correction.” The Word is FULL of examples of this…….

They say love is blind, I agree, sometimes it is……but Love should never blind us to the Truth of His Word.

All we need is HIS Love, and everything it contains for us to live according to His ways, so we can be pleasing in His sight.  

Today is Day Five of counting the Omer….
Count the Omer: Recite the following on day Five.
Say, This is the first week and the fifth day of counting the Omer:
The following shows the counting for day fiver. Do the same for the following 44 days inserting the number of that day.
Each evening, beginning with the day after the Sabbath after Passover, while standing, one first recites the blessing for the mitzvah of counting, and then declares the number of days and weeks of the Omer count:

Recite the blessing:
Baruch atah adonay eloheynu melech ha’olam asher kidshanu
bemitzvotav vetzivanu al sefirat ha’omer

Blessed are you O L-rd our G-d,
King of the Universe who has sanctified us by your commandments
and commanded us to count the Omer.

Messianic Blessing:
Blessed are You O L-rd our G-D, King of the Universe
Who cleansed us through Yeshua our Messiah and by His Commandments
and has commanded us to count the Omer.

Today O Mighty, Loving G-D, I thank you for loving me; sending Yeshua to fill my life with your love. I place my Trust in Yeshua the Only begotten Son of the Most High G-D as my Savior and Love you for loving me so very much. Wash me of all my sins for trying to live life my way. Teach me your Ways O Mighty G-D, that I might learn them and do them, as are written in your Holy Word.

B”Shem Yeshua (In the Name of Jesus),

Rabbi Cliff


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